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Our Services
O'Brien Traffic

Our Services

Traffic Impact Assessment

  • Traffic Impact Assessment Reports (TIARs) for planning applications
  • Swept Path diagrams for all vehicle types
  • Responding to issues raised by Councils and Road Authorities
  • Negotiations with Authorities
  • Reports for objections to planning applications
  • Peer review of development proposals and TIARs on behalf of road authorities, Councils, and private clients

Expert Evidence

  • Expert Evidence to VCAT and Panel Hearings on behalf of developers, Local / State government agencies and objectors
  • Expert Evidence to Courts of Law in regard to crashes and compensation claims
  • Expert Evidence for compulsory land acquisition cases

Road Safety

Road safety audits

  • Concept design, preliminary design and detailed design audits
  • Pre-opening and post- opening audits
  • Day and night-time audit of Traffic Management Plans (TMPs)

Crash analysis

Crash treatment determination

Safety investigations:

  • Crashes
  • Roadside hazards
  • Blackspot investigations of routes and intersections

Safety for vulnerable road users

  • Cyclists
  • Motorcyclists
  • Pedestrians

Road safety research

Road safety strategies for local government

Transport Planning

Sustainable Transport

  • Travel demand management schemes
  • Green travel planning
  • Walkability and Pedestrian Strategies
  • Bicycle Strategies

Strategic Transport Planning

  • Major Developments
  • New Areas
  • Road Networks

Integrated Transport

  • Modal interchange analysis & design
  • Priority intersection and route treatments for buses and trams
  • Bus/tram stop design

Traffic Engineering Design


  • Functional Design of Intersections - signals and roundabouts
  • Conceptual and geometric layout of intersections, access points and interchanges
  • Detailed traffic signal design
  • Street lighting design

Car Parks

  • Car park layout analysis, design and operations
  • Swept Path analysis for various vehicle turning templates
  • Truck loading facilities
  • Use of car stackers, lifts and turntables
  • Access control and operation

Road Network Design & Operation

  • Road and street network design of arterial routes, local streets, and path networks
  • Operational analysis of road and street networks
  • Freeway operations analysis
  • Freeway ramp meter systems - design & operations.

Pedestrian & Cyclist Infrastructure

  • Design of pedestrian crossing facilities and footpaths
  • Design of shared zones and shared paths
  • Design of on-road and off-road bicycle paths and treatments
  • Designs to accommodate cyclists at signals and roundabouts
  • Bicycle Parking
  • Accessibility (Disability Discrimination Act - DDA) Design

Traffic Management

  • Arterial road traffic management
  • Local area traffic management
  • Develop Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) for roadworks, special events and developments.
  • Review of TMPs on behalf of Councils and VicRoads
  • Management of Car Parking operation including pricing analysis

Traffic Modelling

  • Modelling of intersection capacity and operation, e.g. using SIDRA
  • Micro-simulation modelling of road networks and traffic routes (using PARAMICS and AIMSUN)
  • Micro-simulation modelling of freeway operations including ramp metering (using PARAMICS and AIMSUN)
  • Review of micro and macro modelling outputs prepared by others.

Technical Training and Assistance

  • Road Safety Audit training courses
  • Technical training courses (both internal and external)
  • Lecturing (part-time and occasional).
  • Traffic Engineering Staff placement
  • Town Planning referral preparation
  • Customer Request investigation and response